Our Way of Working

Stardust Executive provides objective, structured and competency based solutions. This approach minimizes subjectivity and results in gender equality and diversity. All our solutions for Executive Serch, Executive Assessment, Executive Coaching and Executive Outplacement are based on objective, structured and competency based assessments. This is important as objectivity is essential to find the right person to fit a certain position. It is also important in order to create gender equality and diversity, to minimize bias and promote gender equality without affirmative action or quota regulation. Many call for affirmative action and quota regulation. But candidates do not seek assignments or jobs on those conditions – they want to get the job based on their merits and their competencies. From an organizational point of view we all seek competence while we at the same time wish to minimize risk. Our way of working does just that.

Objectivity important for diversity and gender equality

Objective recruiting and/or assessment means that all candidates have equal opportunities which minimizes bias. The result is often gender equality between candidates and over-representation of candidates with non-traditional cultural backgrounds. I.e. quota regulations or affirmative action is not needed when assessing candidates objectively.


This is our way:


In a recruitment or assessment process, client specifications are mapped with measurable competencies. A competency is a coherent set of skills, attitudes and knowledge that manifests itself in observable behavior – that has a predictive value towards effective delivery of a certain performance.

Candidates are objectively assessed through ability test(s), personality analysis, motivational drives, structured competency based interviews and simulation exercises. The candidate(s) are then measured against predefined behavioral indicators which are mapped to competencies – giving a global score from all tools used, for each candidate. All candidates are thereby comparable and assessed objectively based on competencies.

Science is on our side

Many recruiters assess CV and biographical background in combination with their own intuition. All research show that the validity of projecting future success through biographical data and CV is rather low (0.3 according to Schmidt & Hunter, Psychological bulletin 1998) whilst ability tests in combination with a structured interview is higher (0.52) and Assessment & Development centers gives the best validity (up to 0.7) to predict future success.

Quality gives you value


We outline our processes to create measurability, effect and success for clients, candidates and participators in coaching and outplacement programs – as a well as to secure quality in what we do. This brings you true value.