Second opinion – the process

There are many reasons to obtain an objective external assessment. For starters it will give new perspectives and more depth in the total assessment. On top of that our second opinion is structured and competency based. This is very much needed, especially when recruiting internally or when you have candidates sourced from your own network – or the network of your close peers. Obtaining a second opinion is also a good way of securing that candidates are assessed in the same objective way to make sure that no one is favored. It also minimizes the risk that candidates have a bad impression of the recruitment process – important when recruiting internally and important for your external employer brand. For an even deeper perspective an Assessment Center can be a good option.


The basis


Job and competency profile

If you have not already developed a job profile we can aid you with this. We ask challenging questions to get to the core of what is really important and/or critical. Through a competency workshop we aid you to identify the competencies that are crucial for success.


Contact and interviews

Stardust Executive contacts the candidate(s) you wish to assess, inviting them to fill out tests and analysis as well as to set a time for the interview.

Assessment tools

As a minimum we always use an abstract reasoning ability test as well as personality- and motivational drives questionnaires. We use assessment tools from Hudson (BAQ, MDQ, RAT’s) or Saville Consulting (The wave) for this purpose. All tools show high validity and have solid scientific foundation. They can all be linked to competencies and are continuously scientifically reviewed. Linking tools to competencies results in being able to rank candidates and measure them agains each other.

Competency based interview

Stardust Executive always develop an assignment-specific competency based interview guide. Open questions ask for examples from the candidates own experience. Answers are scored against predefined behavioral indicators. The grade for each competency is added to the grades from other tools used.


End phase


Written report

We provide you with a thorough written report for each candidate – presenting their motivations and aspirations, interview findings regarding the selected competencies, as well as our final conclusions – an overall summary. In case several candidates have gone through the same process you thereby compare the candidates against each other and look at their individual detailed results.


Optional services


Client interviews

If the client has not already conducted interviews we can provide an optional service – to develop interview guides and behavioral indicators to score the candidate against.


We conduct thorough reference interviews that are structured and competency based. All our findings are collected in a document where you can see a clear summary of our impressions but also the answers to our questions, word for word. We can also offer to conduct a more thorough background check as a separate service, should you need it. We partner with some of the most trusted and discrete companies in the business.


Many companies do not find the time for a proper introduction – this can cause inefficiency during the start of the employment. We offer an extra service to start a coaching program during the start of the employment. The newly hired manager thus has a coach to provide structure, help to untie knots and contribute to solutions to the arisen problems. Read more about our coaching programs here…