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Objective recruiting

Stardust Executive offers structured, competency based, objective recruiting. Our recruitment services are structured and competency based – this is important and crucial to minimize the risk of hiring the wrong person. We start off with a thorough analysis of the situation at hand in order to gain understanding of your culture, your structure, the context surrounding the position you are recruiting for. We help you to specify the position and map your specifications with measurable competencies. Candidates are assessed against these competencies through ability test(s), personality analysis, motivational drives analysis and structured interviews. We develop unique interview guides for each assignment together with behavioral indicators that we use to score the answers to the interview questions. All candidates are thereby objectively scored and thereby comparable. The final candidate is always assessed in a full day assessment centre which is included in the process. Optionally two or more candidates can be assessed using the same methodology.

Diversity and gender equality without affirmative action

Through structured, objective and competency based recruiting all candidates have equal opportunities which minimizes bias. Today’s candidates expect an objective process where they are professionally assessed. They want to get the job based on their competency. Few recruitment firms can offer this. Some of these firms will even boast about their own intuitive ability (i.e. their gut feeling) to identify the right candidate for the job. All research show that gut feeling is a very blunt weapon when it comes to predicting future potential for success.

Our experience clearly shows that a structured, competency based recruitment process often results in gender equality between shortlisted candidates as well as diversity and over-representation of candidates with non-traditional cultural backgrounds (compared to their general representation in business life). So not only do you minimize the risk of bad hiring – you get to hire the most competent candidate. You’d be surprised how often that person is a woman of a person of foreign descent. We find competent candidates – and we can prove that they are indeed competent – without affirmative action.

Rejected candidates also wants to know exactly why they failed to get the job – with a structured and objective process like ours we are able to answer that question.

Global research & candidate sourcing

We conduct our sourcing of candidates where we need to. Locally, regionally, internationally or globally. We work with several different partners in research, bringing together all necessary expertise to the project at hand.


Executive Search Solutions


Executive Search

Proactive approaching of candidates based on pre-defined lists of target organizations. We scan the market to find the most competent candidates. An Assessment Center is included on the final candidate. Read more about our process here…


Recruiting through online or print advertising – thus focusing on the active job-seekers. Competency based process, structured screening and interviewing in combination with competency based assessments. Read more about the process here…

Second opinion

Competency based 2nd opinion gives you an external objective perspective. Extra relevant when you recruit internally or through your own network. Read more about our process here…