Executive Outplacement

Changes in company structure, downsizing or simply not being the right person on the job – there are many reasons to part from an organization. Most people are in need of a guide through that process as it can feel quite dramatic. Companies and organizations want to part as friends but has little ability to affect what happens after the decision has been communicated. Stardust Executive can provide Outplacement or Career Transition solutions at Executive level with individual content and individually matched coaches.

Outplacement Process Outsourcing

Our process can be tailored to your needs – alternatively, use our ready to use-process where we handle the whole process for you. Executive Outplacement or Career Transition includes coaching, seminars, interview training, tools and sparring on the level the participant needs based on his/her own level, current status and expectations.

Outplacement / Career Transition – program

We offer different level and duration in our programs to fit different needs.

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Individual content

On top of selecting an individually matched coach we provide our Executive Outplacement participants with “elective content”. The elective content is agreed with the participant based on personal needs and expectations. Activities such as private tutoring, rhetorics training, personal branding, specific interview training, media training etc. are examples of elective content that can be chosen.


All participants are invited to take part in our seminars covering interesting topics that are relevant in their current situation. Topics vary but usually covers:

Individual coaches

All coaches have undergone training in accordance with the guidelines set up by ICF. They follow the same process in a common structure. However coaches are different individuals with different personalities, skills, experience and style. Through our network we match the participant with the most suitable coach for his/her situation and level. Our coaches in have necessary experience from guiding people in a career shift.

ICF-certified coaches

All coaches have undergone training certified by ICF. Most of them are certified at ACC, PCC or MCC-level. ICF, International Coach federation, is the world’s largest professional association of personal and business coaches with more than 23.000 members. Stardust Executive are also members of EMCC – European Mentoring & Coaching Council. That assures even more knowledge of coaching. We can provide executive coaches with long experience as coaches combined with managerial experience on high level – and experience from career transition.