Individual Coaching Programs

Depending on need we can provide coaching programs on different levels and varying duration in order to fit different needs. Our ready to use programs span 3, 6 or 12 months. Which duration is more relevant depends on the target and an analysis of necessary steps that need to be taken during the program. The content is adjusted to fit the individual and his/her personal needs, targets, situation and expectations. We tailor the program to fit that need and match the client with a coach who has relevant experience and style.

Stardust Executive have certified assessors who kick-start the coaching process through assessments and  an analysis of the current state. The individual goes through personality analysis, motivational drives analysis and an interview. Optionally a 360-degree analysis, competency based interview or a full Development Center can be added.

Stardust Executive takes care of process lead, administration, client support and service.


Coaching – process


Startup phase  – 2-4 weeks

Start meeting with the individual/manager (possibly HR)
Target- and needs analysis
Current state analysis / Assessments
Feedback to manager (possibly HR)
Possibly 3-part talks

Coaching phase – 3-12 months

Coaching sessions
Preparation and activity plans
Coach support via e-mail, telephone, sms
Follow up every 3 months on results / quality
Feedback to manager (possibly HR)

Maintenance phase – 6 months

Follow up after 3 months
Feedback to manager (possibly HR)
Possibly continuous coaching sessions
Possibly continuous follow up

As an additional and optional service Stardust Executive can contribute with more than just coaching in our programs. We can add other activities; specialized consultants can be brought in for rhetorics training, private tutoring, personal branding, advise of various kinds. These activities assure development towards the set target. This service can either replace some off the coaching hours or be added to the program.


Coaching programs


All our programs can be carried out solely with the individual client or in cooperation with a third party, the customer (usually the individual’s manager or HR). In cases where a customer is involved we add an extra start meeting with the customer where the target of the coaching program is discussed. Stardust Executive has a structure that secures documentation and follow up of the target that creates lasting changes and results.

3 months

3 month program with 8 hours coaching

6 månader

6 month program with 14 hours coaching

12 månader

12 month program with 20 hours coaching


We contribute with more than just coaching in our programs. Different kinds of counseling, private tutoring, training in rhetorics, personal branding etc are examples of other activities that create movement towards the set target. This is an individual option that can either replace some of the coaching hours or be added to the program. Contact us today to learn more about our programs and how they can be tailored to fit your need.