Executive Development & Coaching

Athletes would never be able to compete and reach new levels without a coach. The need for coaching is as great in business life! Most managers are in need of a ”personal trainer” – a coach who can give them time to reflect, help them structure their thoughts and create movement forward. Coaching gives results! A survey from PWC recently showed that coaching generates learning and clarity for forward action with a commitment to measurable outcomes. The vast majority of companies (86%) say they at least made their investment back.

We can provide you with executive coaching at high level through our vast network of coaches in the Nordic region and internationally. We can also offer to teach your managers the basics of coaching – how to assume a coaching approach towards employees to create insights that results in changed behavior and durable results.

Coaching Process Outsourcing

Most large organizations do not have the time, the networks or the skills to select coaches, nor define a process for coaching. We have a ready to use-process that aims at getting measurable results. Our clients outsource the whole process of coaching to us – relying on us to define targets, measurables and select the coach best equipped to reach results.

Individual programs

All participants are interviewed on personal needs and expectations. We tailor the program to fit that need, not limiting us to the coaching itself. Other activities in the program can be private tutoring, rhetorics training, personal branding etc – activities that create development towards the set target.

We have ready to use programs on base-, intensive or executive level. They can be variably adjusted to the individual. Our consultants are certified assessors – they have the necessary tools and skills to quickly analyze the current state and kick-start the coaching process. We interview the participant regarding personal needs, targets, situation and expectations – and we tailor the program to reflect that. Our executive programs offer more than just coaching. Other activities can be different typs of counseling, private tutoring, personal branding, rhetorics training etc. Activities that create development towards the set target. Read more about our individual coaching programs… 

Individual coaches

All coaches have similar training and follows the same process in a common structure. However coaches are different individuals with different personalities, skills, experience and style. Through our network we match the participant with the most suitable coach for his/her situation and level. We can provide executive coaches with long experience as coaches combined with managerial experience on high level.


Stardust Executive can provide you with packaged leadership training – for your managers – in how to assume a coaching approach, how to give coaching feedback and how this can be linked to performance management. Read more about our leadership training here…


All coaches have undergone training in accordance with the guidelines of ICF. Most of them are certified at ACC, PCC or MCC-level. ICF, International Coach federation, is the world’s largest professional association of personal and business coaches with more than 23,000 members. We are members of EMCC – European Mentoring & Coaching Council. This assures even more knowledge of coaching.