Assessment Center

Assessment Centers are used to form decisions in recruitment processes. The candidate goes through a full day of tests, analysis, interview and simulation exercises including role play. We make sure the candidate is challenged on the right level and bring you a clear recommendation regarding the candidate’s fit for the position at hand. This is how it’s done:


Prior to the center


Analysis of the current situation

Stardust Executive has developed a process to analyze the current situation in order to gain understanding of your organisation, your culture, what is to be achieved in the future – and the job profile.

Competency workshop

We team up with you to identify the most relevant competencies, the competencies that are truly crucial for success. Depending on how much time you wish to invest, this can be done in a large plenary meeting or in a smaller one-to-one meeting – alternatively we can recommend competencies based on a generic job profile.


The candidate(s) is invited by us with information of what an assessment center is and what to expect. We arrange a day for when the center is to be carried out – after that the candidate is invited to fill out some of the questionnaires and tests online, prior to the center. We also send the candidate background information for one of the cases that they will be working on during the center.

Tests and analysis online

The tools used varies with the competencies chosen but normally we always include personality analysis, motivational drives analysis and an abstract reasoning ability test. These parts can be filled out online prior to the center at a time and place of the candidate’s choice.


Carrying out the center


Full day assessment center

During a full day (usually in our venue) the candidate goes through several different tasks. This is a common setup:


The center results in a written report. The report goes through what we have measured and how as well as the candidate’s aspirations and motivations. Competency for competency we cover the individual results – listing and describing what was good and what can be improved. In the last part of the report you find our summary of what we have observed and our final assessment. The report is sent directly to the client to form basis for the decision to hire. However we do recommend that the candidate take part of the report and that the candidate gets verbal feedback directly from us – even if the candidate did not get the job.


After the center



The client makes the decision to hire or not to hire based on our assessment and all other knowledge they have of the candidate’s abilities, advantages and disadvantages.


The candidates receives verbal feedback on top of the written report in an individual feedback-meeting where time is also used to reflect on and discuss our observations. Usually there is great agreement regarding the results since the candidate participated in the exercises and knows how he/ she performed, acted etc. The report is a powerful tool for own development whether the candidate did get the job or not. The client also gets a verbal run-through of all candidates that have gone through the assessment center for the same position – including dialogue regarding strengths and development needs for each candidate.

Possible dimension: Future development

When assessing internal candidates the report is usually given one more dimension – recommended development. This part aims at constructive advice regarding what the candidate could actively do to develop his/her skills and competencies further.