Executive Assessments

Tailor made assessments – to the point

Using assessments is about the need to minimize risk and obtain a solid basis for decisions. Our assessments are based on competencies that truly answers that need. Stardust Executive starts with a thorough analysis of your current situation to understand your business, your organisation and culture. Through this knowledge we can take a mutual look at which competencies we need to measure – and find the best and most reasonable way to do so. The finished result comes in the form of a written report. We dare to tell it like it is in our reports so that the assessment gives meaning and usable conclusions and recommendations to you as well as to the participant(s).

World class tools & simulation exercises

Stardust Executive is a proud partner to Hudson R&D in Belgium – one of the world’s leading developers of simulation exercises and tools for assessment purposes. We have access to various exercises for different levels and purposes such as general management-level, commercial simulations, management role-play on subsidiary or group-level. We have tools for personality analysis, motivational drives analysis as well as verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning ability tests. We also have access to the Meyers Briggs MBTI – and we are in the process of certification for Saville Consulting’s The Wave.

The interpreter is key

There are many tools on the market, many of them are good. But the interpreter is key to your understanding of the results. We interpret the results for you with consideration taken to the context of your organization. Our tools can all be linked to competencies, they are all based on solid research and have high validity. We master the art of interpreting them for you in order to give you meaning and usable conclusions.

Executive Assessment Solutions

Assessment Center

Assessment Centers are used for recruitment purposes to form basis for decision. The candidate is challenged during a full day of tests, analysis, interview and simulation exercises. We make sure the participant is challenged on the relevant level and we give a firm recommendation on the candidate’s fit for the position at hand. Read more about the process here…

Development Center

Same methodology and content as Assessment Center above but with a development perspective. We clearly identify what the participant needs to address and/or develop in order to reach her/his full potential – in general, for a specific position or in order to reach a future position. We bring you conclusions and recommendations on what the participant can do to develop his/her competencies going forward. Read more about the process here…


360-degree analysis is a powerful tool to understand how an individual is perceived by others – by asking questions to a 360-degree circle – usually consisting of subordinates, colleagues, manager and possibly clients. 360-degree analysis is solely used for development purpose since all respondents answer subjectively. The key lies in the feedback dialogue concerning the result – to interpret the results, identify the trends and ask questions, why is it this way? Our 360-degree analysis is competency based and can be tailored to your needs or it can be setup as a generic 360. Read more about the process here…

Stand alone assessments, tailored solutions or ready to use

We can provide solutions that fit your need – also when you do not wish to do a full assessment center. We can create client specific solutions based on your already developed competency model or we can deliver stand alone tests or analysis – from different vendors. It all comes down to your need. Contact us today and let us begin the dialogue. We have solutions that corresponds to your need. Send us a request here…