Executive Solutions

Our services are all Executive Solutions. They are structured and based on competency based assessments. This is important as it creates objectivity. This is essential in recruitment and assessment as it leads to gender equality and diversity. Executive Solutions contains packaged services in these main areas:  Executive Search, Assessment, Coaching, Outplacement and Talent Management. You will find several different services and products in the respective areas.

Executive Search

Our recruitment process is 100% competency based. It is is objective and structured to minimize all forms of bias and subjectivity. By consequently using assessment tools and by using well prepared, structured and competency based interviews we make sure to identify the most competent candidate. We have networks and partners to do our search locally, regionally or internationally. In order to provide you with top quality and high validity in predicting future success we include a full day assessment center on the final candidate. This gives you true value since you do not only minimize risk – we provide a full, nuanced and clear description of your final candidate that make it easier for you to lead and motivate the individual you are about to hire.

Executive Search-services:

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Executive Assessment

Stardust Executive works solely with competency based assessment tools from strong partners such as Hudson and Saville Consulting. Hudson is a world leader in developing simulation exercises – Stardust Executive partners with Hudson R&D in Belgium. We are the only consultancy firm in Northern Europe that have access to and licenses for their tools.

We make a thorough analysis of the current state and your business in order to understand your situation. From that analysis we can suggest competencies to measure – alternatively competencies can be chosen together in a small or large workshop. We conduct the assessments and interpret the results for you – clearly, accurately and to the point. All our tools show high validity, they are based on solid science and stands under scientific review. Through our partners we can deliver assessment solutions locally, internationally or globally.

Executive Assessment-services:

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Executive Development & Coaching

Coaching solutions for individuals or training for groups in coaching leadership (assuming a coaching approach). We follow the guidelines setup by ICF, International Coach Federation. We are also members of EMCC which adds even more knowledge of coaching. Our process is constructed to ensure measurable results and lasting changes. We have also designed our process so it can be tailored to the needs, targets and expectations of the individual. At Stardust Executive we are also certified assessors – that enables us to isolate the current state and kick start the coaching process.

We have a large network of coaches in Sweden, the Nordics region and the world – all ICF-certified.
We can also offer training for your organization that lifts your leadership to new levels.

Executive Development & Coaching-services

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Executive Outplacement

A process based on coaching that we tailor to the needs of the individual. Our way of working is more about career transition that traditional outplacement. We tailor each program to fit the individual by assigning an individually selected coach and adding counseling and specialized consultancy in some of our programs. Through our seminars we increase our participator’s knowledge of personal branding, how to handle resumé/CV, social media and job applications. We take them inside the mind of a qualified head hunter and add individually tailored interview training side by side with the coaching process.

Executive Outplacement-services:

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Talent Management

Talent Management is really about all of the above, as it covers the process of identifying, attracting, developing and possibly parting with talent/employees. But customers needs within Talent Management is often more diffuse and can touch on subjects such as developing competency models or developing programs for high potentials. The need for tailored solutions is usually great. We have strong experiences and the necessary partners to handle the whole value chain.

Talent Management-services

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